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8 Things to do When in Between Travel

Posted on April 03 2020

Bali Rice Fields

So you get back home, with fresh memories and still on a natural high from your last travel adventure. Feeling a little bit inspired and at the same time feeling sad because it had to come to an end well, at least until you travel again.
Or more than likely at this moment in time you had to cancel your travel plans because you know, Coronavirus, and now are left wondering when you will be able to travel again. Which if the travel bug has bit, you will definitely be traveling again so don't worry too much about it. In the mean time you can keep up your motivation, dreams and desire to travel with these 8 simple things to do.

1. Start planning your next adventure.

This is an obvious one but, if you know where and when you can travel again why not start the planning process? Travel takes time, patience, and research. So take advantage of your down time to do all the leg work. Whether you know where you want to go next or you are trying to narrow down your options. When we have flexibility or aren't sure where we want to go next we go on to the Skyscanner site or app, choose outbound flights going everywhere and see what sparks our interest. Maybe you had to cancel your travels and all the research is done, then why not start by setting a future date to get to that destination? Right now, times are unprecedented and we aren't sure what the future will bring but, with most of the leg work already done you can still book some things in advance with a flexible cancelation policies. This will also help boost the local economy in the place you plan to visit once we are all allowed out of our homes, into airports and on to airplanes. Also, right now flights are cheaper than ever so, book a flight that can be canceled or changed and you'll definitely have something to look forward to. Another way to get inspired or start your research is by getting on to Instagram and saving pictures from places you would like to visit. Like creating a virtual bucket list. 

2. Organize your travel pictures and souvenirs you have collected along the way, get creative and share on social media.

This is always something that takes me forever to get to. I usually upload my photos and put all my little souvenirs aside until I make the time to actually go through them all and organize them. However, lately with time in between trips it makes it easy to sit and back up my pics online and make sure they are properly organized on my laptop. Which ever way you like to keep things in order is all up to you. Personally I organize a folder by the year and within that folder by month then within the month it will be organized by destination. For example, 2019 is a folder that within holds the folder of October. Then October drops down into Bali within that folder you will find all my pictures from Bali. I also like to upload them online just incase I ever lose them on my computer, my external hard drive or if something happens, you never know! Create a Pinterest board with all of your fave travel pics that you can share with all of your followers. Who knows you might inspire their next adventure. As for souvenirs I like to keep ticket stubs, collect post cards and maps from the places I visit because they are easy to bring back and inexpensive. Plus, they make great additions to any scrapbook or memory book I might want to make.

3. Print out your favorite travel pictures.

Reminiscing is always a great way to relive those great memories you created. Although, we strive to keep moving forward it is nice to have a memoir of where you have been and what you have experienced. What better way then to get your favorite photos printed? You can create a scrapbook and add museum tickets or maps. You can even just frame some of those pics and display them for all your friends and family to admire and obviously to keep you inspired. With such amazing tools available to us non professional photographers it has become so much easier to take amazing great quality photos. So why not ??? It's fun, creative and a easy way to decorate your home.

4. Bust out the map!

If you are an avid traveler or even just take that one outstanding vacation a year, you can always take a look at a world map and mark out your bucket list. I love the idea of having a large map hanging up somewhere to always be seen. You can easily mark where you have already been and where maybe in the next year you would like to go. Just think of it as putting it out there, you put out what you want, you focus on it and you make it happen! Manifesting all those adventures you'll soon be having. 

5. Start putting some extra cash aside.

Most people are held back by their cash flow situation or is it really just an excuse? Although I must admit right now this is a tough one, but there's no better time than now to look into your finances and cut back. See what is absolutely necessary, obviously the things you need to survive and then cut the rest out. If after you trim out your expenses you can save anything you should go ahead and make that a priority. Whether it be an emergency fund or a travel/emergency fund. You don't have to be rich to travel you just have to be smart about it. What I mean is just think, plan and start setting aside any extra cash. Get rid of unnecessary expenses i.e. that daily Starbucks latte and start putting that money aside. Traveling is like setting and reaching any other goal in life. You just need to focus on what you really want and work towards making it happen whatever your circumstance may be. Try to think outside the box, it doesn't mean you have to slave away at two jobs for a year to finally take that one trip. Get creative and save some money at the same time. Another idea is to finally start racking up those points. A great resource for all things points related is The Points Guy.

6. Go away for a weekend, a day or try a new place.

Although I know this isn't a possibility at the moment, since the entire world is under quarantine and all, you can always start now by making a list of places in your hometown you've been wanting to visit or try so, that when this is  all over you are ready and excited to try new things. 

Maybe you can't seem to shake off those "after" vacation blues, you know that back to reality slump we all fall into after getting back to the routine. Have you considered going away for the weekend, taking a staycation or even just a day trip? Look into it, this just might be the answer to pep you up when you won't be traveling for a little while. When you can't get away even just for the day then perhaps you should try out something new in your home town. There are always new things we would like to try. It could be a new restaurant, cafe, lounge or developing a new activity. This will help you discover your city even when you thought you knew it all. 

7. Send out postcards, get in contact with friends you met through your travels.

No time is more perfect then when your "in between" adventuring to get in contact with friends you have made along your journey. What if, you are still traveling but are staying in one place for a while? You can send your friends, followers and loved ones post cards just to say you are thinking of them. It's a nice sentiment and such a nice way to keep everyone involved. Any form of communication and connection right now is a way of keeping yours and others spirits up. Check in on your friends and family there is literally no better time than now. Before you know it this will all pass and we will be busier than ever getting back to our hustle and bustle. So, make time now. 

8. Get creative with your photography and editing skills.

Create interesting images at home or create your own presets while brushing up on your editing skills. While organizing your pictures and maybe even videos you can start making some great content while you have the time. Platforms like Skillshare are out there so you can learn something new, perfect a skill or even just start something now. 

As always I hope this gives you some new ideas and inspiration. Happy future travels !


Sandy Lee

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  • Kurt: April 03, 2020

    Great Article, I am already planning for my next trip as soon as we can travel again.

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