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How To Travel More

Posted on April 27 2021

Do you ever catch yourself daydreaming of traveling the world? Or just taking some time out to experience other places and cultures? Then, what prevents you from just going out there and chasing that adventure you seek?

Most people are held back by money, but what most people don't realise is all they need is a plan.

Actually, I just lied to you in reality there are two parts to the equation. Part one, consists of having a plan and part two involves taking action. Creating a plan is the easy part where as, taking action is a little bit more difficult. Now, while the plan can be exciting the taking action part is what's most invigorating and inspiring !

So, let me get to it. What steps do you take to make your dreams of traveling a reality? Here goes :

Make a Decision
Sounds pretty obvious, but for some not so easy. Having an idea is one thing while making a decision involves taking action. Haven't you ever had a brilliant idea? The type of idea you could see changing your life, but for some reason it never comes to fruition? The reason is you can have all the best, biggest, brightest ideas in the world however, without action they never come to life. Point is, if travel is what you want, make the decision to do it and just stick to it. Trust it will happen. I hate to say it, yet I am doing it anyway never forget where there is a will there is a way.

Plan It Out
Once you have made up your mind. Whether it is to travel long term, take a yearly vacation or simply travel more often you will need to make a plan. Some questions you want to ask yourself are:

  • What is your budget?
  • How long do you want to travel?
  • Where would you like to go?
  • What kind of trip will you be taking? Adventure, Luxury, backpacking etc.?
  • What time of year will you be going?
  • Will you be taking a sabbatical?
  • Will travel become a lifestyle or do you want to leave everything behind and travel the world ?

The planing process I believe is the most tedious and time consuming. Yet, having a plan is the only way to make it all a reality. There are so many questions to be answered just list them out and start checking those questions off your list one at a time.

Set a Realistic Budget and Save
As most things in life every dream we chase requires some sort of sacrifice. It doesn't have to be torturous it just has to be realistic. Meaning something you are comfortable with that will still enable you to reach your goals. Sit down make a spreadsheet, use a budgeting app whatever works for you. You need to track your expenses and income. What is absolutely necessary and what is frivolous? If after calculating both income and expenses you have any money left over the "extra" money should automatically be put into a "non touchable" savings account. Most importantly is you save! I suggest putting a percentage from every pay check automatically away. If you don't see the money you will learn to live without counting on it. It is easier than you might think, just look at it as readjusting in order to make your travel dreams come true. Sacrifice now for later right?

Cut Back on Spending
Once you know where your money is going, you can cut out the unnecessary "fat" so to speak. Look at where and what you are spending on. What can you live with? What can you live without? For example, are you spending money on lunch everyday or buying coffee everyday? Well then pack your lunch and have your coffee at home. I guarantee you will see a difference in your bank account with those simple changes.

Set Goals
First, you made your mind up to travel. Next, you have your plan. Now, how do you make your plan happen? You set goals. In order to reach your travel budget you have to start saving so set a monthly savings goal. Set a goal for when you want to be on the road, in six months, in twelve months maybe? Do you need any visas for your trip when is a good time to secure a visa or visas? You should set goals weekly to get all those important things checked off your list. Including your actual travel plan set a time frame when all the flights should be booked, hotels and where will you be and how long will you be staying.

Track Your Progress
With goals set now it's time to track your progress. Weekly progress checks work well for me especially to keep up with my budget and saving. Make lists and you will probably be making them over and over again until everything is checked off those lists. Set priorities every week. Those will change the closer you get to your travel date. The key is to make sure you reach those weekly goals and before you know it you will be ready to go!

I can tell you my dream is to take off and travel as much and as often as possible. What are your travel goals? I would love to know.


Sandy Lee

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