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Madly Addictive is a lifestyle brand built out of our love for travel and adventure. Made for new age travelers, set out to abandon the ordinary and support our global community.
Quality, social sustainability and functional design are at the core of our beliefs. We hand select the materials used to create our accessories ensuring they are locally sourced. With a focus on selecting the right amount needed in order to minimize waste. Our priorities encompass the support of our artisans with fair wages and safe work spaces. All of our designs are inspired by our travels, the experiences we've had on the road and the amazing cultures we have connected with along our journey. We aim to create timeless pieces that go beyond what's trending and bring together artisan craftsmanship with beauty and function. 
Our Artisans
We work alongside multiple artisans in Ecuador to create all of our accessories. Each piece is made by hand, making them all one of a kind. 
Our Materials
All of our materials are hand selected by us and locally sourced in Ecuador. Our drawstring totes used for packaging are each individually made and all fabric is measured to leave no waste, we use it all. 

Our Tees
Our tops are made in 100% sweat shop FREE manufacturing facilities with solar powered sewing and cutting floors. They are designed for the softest fit and comfort. Locally printed in Miami, Florida allowing us to also support our community of small businesses.

Madly Addictive The Lifestyle
 The Madly Addictive lifestyle is about allowing yourself to let the fire within guide your way to living a life you are madly and totally in love with. Travel the world, give back, make a change, create something beautiful and be you! Despite the fear, despite the doubt let go and Abandon The Ordinary!

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