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Our Mission
To create top quality, socially conscious fashion. That inspires and elevates your travel style. We are passionate believers in travel, adventure, dream chasing and social change. We aim to promote awareness for small businesses and spark a passion to connect the world through our artisans and their craftsmanship.
Our Artisans
Through our travels we fell in love with Ecuador. With the countries beauty, its people, 

Our Tees
Quality and social sustainability are at the core of our beliefs. Our tops are made in 100% NO sweat shop manufacturing facilities with solar powered sewing and cutting floors. They are designed for the softest fit and comfort. Locally printed in Miami, Florida allowing us to also support our community of small businesses.
Our Inspiration
In one word ADVENTURE. Traveling sparked and continues to fuel the passion behind our designs and motivation for social change. It all started with a dream (in Isla Mujeres) and a desire to experience new places.

Madly Addictive 
Passions may change but the fire that ignites us remains. The Madly Addictive lifestyle is about allowing yourself  to let the fire within guide your way to living a life you are madly and totally in love with. Travel the world, give back, make a change, create something beautiful and be you! Despite the fear, despite the doubt you go for what you want. Find your adventure and live it!

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